Halloween Stories 2018


In honor of Halloween, we present seven short paranormal experiences from our community members.

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Our Stories:

“We Heard Voices” from Pete Smith

One Halloween, after we had returned from a night of trick or treating, my little sister came into my room to tell me that she heard people talking in the attic above her bedroom.   I assumed it was our older brother and his girlfriend making out in their not so secret spot.  So, we quietly crept up the stairs, to the attic, hoping to surprise them.   Through the door, we could hear the voices talking.  We rushed in and turned on the lights.  Nobody was in there; but, the voices still kept talking.

“We Surprised Him” from Jim Comfort

When I was in the Army, I once lived in an old barracks at West Point.  I shared the room with another soldier.  We had both just arrived a two months ago.  It was late on a Halloween night. We were hanging out, listening to music, and preparing our uniforms for the next work day.  We heard someone knocking on our wall like it was a door.  Then a shadow-like form of a Civil War soldier enters our room through the spot on the wall where the knocking had come from.  He looked at us like he was surprised to see us there.  He moved to the opposite wall and knocked on it as though it were also a door. Then he exited the room through that wall.  We didn’t sleep in that room again.

“Just a Minute” from Sandra Clark

When I was younger, on Halloween, I went to a lot of house parties.  At these big house parties, there was always a line of women waiting to use the restroom.  I was waiting in a line to use a small powder room under the stairs.  Every time someone would knock on the door a woman’s voice shouted “Just a minute!”  After, about twenty minutes of that, the homeowner knocked on the door and heard the same woman’s voice saying “just a minute!”  The homeowner announced she was coming in to help her.  Then she unlocked the door.  There was no one inside.  Because the powder room was located under the stairs, there was only one door, in and out, and no window. No one could have gotten out without us seeing them.

“I Went to Check” from Tina Ferris

I heard loud noises coming from my five-year-old daughter’s bedroom.  Thinking that she may have fallen out of bed, I went to check on her.  When I open the door, I found her sitting up on her bed with the covers pulled up to her neck.  Her flashlight was lying on the floor, next to the bed, with the light turned on.  She pressed a finger to her lips and pointed to something under her bed.   I lay down on the floor and grabbed the flashlight.  Under the bed, the light beam illuminated the face of my daughter?  She whispered to me.  Mommy, there’s a ghost on my bed.  I looked on top of the bed.  It was empty.  I checked under the bed again.  It was empty.  I found my daughter sleeping with her older sister.

“Rearview Mirror” from Naomi Gooden

I slid behind the steering wheel, locked my door and started my car.  As I pulled away from the curb, I observed two things through the rearview mirror.  The man, who I thought had been chasing me, continue walking down the sidewalk (while paying me no attention) and a ghostly figure, sitting on my back seat, watching me with an evil smirk.  He disappeared as I turned my head.

“We Talked a While” from Shirley Fox

Most Halloweens, my grandmother would pick up my sister and me and take us trick or treating in the wealthy neighborhoods in our town.  My Grandmother was an insurance agent for a funeral home that offered burial policies.  One Halloween, she had to drop off some money, at the funeral home, that she had collected before we could go trick or treating.  My sister and I were waiting for her in the lobby of the funeral home in our costumes.  An old lady came through the door and sat down next to us.  She was very nice and we talked a while.  Then she said goodbye to us and went into the viewing room (where you go to view the deceased guest).  My sister noticed that she had dropped her scarf.  So, she went into the viewing room to give it back to the lady.  She came running out of the room, with the scarf still in her hand and grabbed me.  Then we went into the viewing room together.  The old lady that had been talking to us was nowhere to be seen.  My sister said nothing to me but she pointed to the person laying in the coffin on display.  It was that nice old lady.  She had died a few days earlier.

“Will You Help Us?” from Tim Robbins

I got off work at 11:00 pm.  It was Halloween night, I had just pulled into my driveway and was getting out of my car.  Then the voices of two little children sounded from behind me, “Mister we’re lost will you help us find our mother?”  I was startled.  I hadn’t seen anyone when I was pulling up and I didn’t expect to encounter little kids out that late.  Turning around, I saw two children in Halloween costumes.  They were about six years old.  I didn’t recognize them, they weren’t from our neighborhood.  They said that they were looking for their mother but they couldn’t find her. “She just disappeared,” they said.  I asked them if they knew their mother’s phone number.  They gave me her number and I called it on my cell phone.

A woman’s sleepy voice answered on the other end of the line.  I told her who I was and that her two children were with me. She started crying and asked me to let her speak with them.  I turned to hand them my phone but they were gone.  I apologized and said that they were just here.  As I look in the immediate area for them, she told me a strange story.  She said five years ago, on Halloween night, she and her children had gotten into a fatal auto accident.  The children were killed that night.  Now, every Halloween night since then, their spirits approach strangers and ask for help finding her.  Sometimes, she is able to speak with them before they disappear.  Most times they just disappear.  In a tearful voice, she thanks me for calling her.  She said if I see them again, please call her and don’t let them know that they are dead.

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A Reverse Haunting

Whenever she came home for a visit and played the piano, she shared a quite conspiratorial smile with her mother.  The paranormal incident between them (their secret) made them feel connected and they didn’t want others intruding on that memory.

Reverse Haunting is courtesy of Brenda Shin 

I was fifteen years old when this occurred.  In those days, we had an upright piano in our living room.  The piano possessed a very highly glossed (black lacquer) finish.  We could see objects reflected like a mirror in that finish.  One evening, I heard the piano start playing.  Since I was the only person in the house who played the piano, I was curious who could be playing.

When I got to the living room, it was empty; but, the piano was still playing.  Standing behind the keyboard, and looking into the piano’s glossy reflection, I could see an image of myself seated at the keyboard playing that piano.  In the image, I was wearing a beautiful blue dress.  I didn’t own a dress that looked like that.

I panicked.  My mother heard me screaming and came running into the living room.  I pointed to my reflection playing the piano.  Mesmerized, she and I both watched the image for a while.  Then as the reality of the situation set in, we both panicked and retreated to the kitchen.  In about a half-hour, the piano stopped playing.  Then, from the living room, we heard a small group of people loudly clapping and cheering.  We gathered our courage and peeked into the room.  It was still empty.

On Saturday afternoon, my aunt Kelly gave me a gift.  When I opened the package, I found a beautiful blue dress.  It was the same style of dress I had witnessed myself wearing in the piano’s reflection.  My mother and I both recognized the dress.  We looked at each other like deer caught in a car’s headlights but we said nothing.

Later that evening, with my family gathered around me in the living room, I nervously played the selection of songs that I would play the next day in church.  The entire time, I was obsessing about my reflection on the surface of the piano.  I looked exactly as I remembered the phantom looking a few days earlier.

When I finished playing, my family showed their appreciation by clapping and cheering.   It was the same sounds that we previously heard coming from the living room (earlier that week).  My mother and I looked at each other.  We both had a can this really be happing to us expression on our faces?  Since that event, we have always wondered why it happened.

Why were we haunted by the future?

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A Spirit Cage

Do you know that it is possible to capture the souls of dying people in a magical box called a Spirit Cage?  When a dying person is at the singular moment of their death, the spirit cage reaches out and grabs the soul before it can find the eternal light.  A portion of the conjurers’ life is also forever imprisoned within the cage to pay for its use.  Without careful use, all the life force can be drained.  Then that person will catch fire and burn from the inside out.


"A Spirit Cage" is courtesy of Sherry Berry

In the spring of 1861, Adam Lamb was a twenty-year-old man living, in the state of Virginia with his father, mother, and two teenage sisters.  The family had a one-hundred sixty-acre farm on the James River at Swan-Hilda, Virginia.  A few weeks earlier, the American Civil War had begun.  The young men in the neighborhood rushed to join the local militia forces.  Adam was also caught up in the fever of enlistment.  He joined up but one year later his fever had broken.

At first, Adam’s infrequent letters from the war were light-hearted and filled with the bravo of heroic deeds he and his friends would accomplish in the service of the south.  After seemly endless skirmishes with the northern army and the deaths of most of his childhood friends, the theme of his letters turned darker and reflected the fragility of life and the senselessness of war. From his written words, his mother understood that he thought he would die soon.

Adam’s mother, Linda, was fearful of her son dying on a distant battlefield uncared for and unburied. If that happened, he would forever wonder as a ghost upon the earth.  She became ill from the constant worry.  For weeks, in a deep depression, she took to her bed.  Finally, it was one of her daughters, Tammy, who suggested to their mother that she and her sister, Pinky, would visit Old Faye, who lived, in the deep backwoods to get a magic poultice bag.  With that magic bag, they could chase away the bad spirits that were plaguing the family.  Out of desperation, Linda agreed.

Most people were afraid to seek out Old Faye, She was a runaway slave. She used her magic to punish those who would steal her freedom.   None of the slave catchers that had tried to trap her succeeded.  Each team would only say of their failed effort, “She’s not worth it and I’m not going back into those woods after her again.”

The girls brought Old Faye a goat to pay for the poultice bag.  When they explained what they wanted the magic to do, Old Faye told them that a poultice bag would not be enough to protect their brother.  She told the girls that they needed powerful dark magic.  For the goat and a milk cow, Old Faye would give the girls the dark magic that they needed.

She went with the sisters, back to their farm, to speak with Linda and pick up her new milk cow. At the farm, she presented the women with a small wooden box.  She told them that Adam needed the box to capture the last breath of at least one dead person but the more spirits that he captured, the better the magic would work.  Then all he had to do was wish for personal protection and it would be granted.  The length and power of the protection depended upon the number of spirits he held as a prisoner within the cage.

Then she warned the women that whoever gave the spirit cage as a gift to Adam would also lose their spirit bit by bit as it was used.  She said it was better to share the responsibility among several people because the giver would burn from the inside out when their spirit was depleted.  Linda and her daughter agreed to share the consequences.

Her husband was not aware of the true purpose for Linda’s visit to Adam.  Despite his concerns, Linda, convince him to allow her to go.  She took her trusted house slave Moses on the journey with her.  After some days of travel, she and Moses located Adam.  During their happy reunion, Linda explained to her son the rules of the spell that Old Faye had cast upon the spirit cage.

However, she didn’t tell him that she and his sister would lose bits of themselves each time he used the cage.  She feared he might not use it if he knew.  She wanted to give him maximum opportunity to live.  She only warns Adam that the use of magic has consequences.  She asks that he only use the cage when necessary.  Then she placed the small box in his hands and departed.

In all wars, the combatants become either deeply religious or deeply superstitious.  This is why Adam believed his mother’s story about the power of the spirit cage.  That evening, he captured the spirits of two dead comrades at the field hospital.

The next morning, Adam discovered that Old Faye’s magic was powerful.  He made a wish not to be killed, injured or captured.  The test came quickly.  While closing on an enemy position with his squad, everyone was eventually killed or wounded except him.  He advanced alone and took the enemy position.  He came face to face with multiple union rifles.  Each weapon fired and missed him by inches but he was untouched.  Convinced of the power of the spirit cage, Adam used it daily.

Finally, years later, when the war was over.  Adam stood in front of his family home and ascended the steps of the front porch.  His father greeted him at the door with swollen tearful eyes. He led Adam into the parlor.  There the body of Adam’s deceased sister Pinky lay posed within a wooden coffin.  She had died the previous night.  His father explains that, over the years that Adam had been away, first his mother died and finally his sisters died (all from the same mysterious disease). The doctors were mystified.  They didn’t know how it was possible to catch fire and burn from the inside out.

After his sister's burial, Adam took the spirit cage to Old Faye.  He asked her to release the spirits of the soldiers held within.  Old Faye explained that they could never be released (even if the box was destroyed). They were trapped for eternity.  She also explained to Adam the consequences of the spell.  He learned for the first time that his mother and his sisters were also trapped within the spirit cage and that their deaths were caused by his overuse of the magic.  Old Faye told him that as long as his father was living, the spirit cage would continue to protect him but it may eventually cost his father’s life also.  He learned one other thing.  The final spirit to be captured by the spirit cage would be his own.

For the remainder of his life, Adam never used the spirit cage again.  He visited scholars, conjures, psychics, mediums, witches, priest, and preachers in the hope that they could release the trapped spirits.  He didn’t succeed.  He died in 1935 at age 95.  At his funeral, his grandson placed the spirit cage in his hands and it was buried with him.

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The Lingering Dead

My mother told me, “Ghosts can’t hurt you but they can sure make you hurt yourself."  I discovered that she was only partially correct.  They can hurt you very badly!

"The Lingering Dead" is courtesy of Sister Smith

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia during the nineteen seventies.  At that time, some school-age children had been kidnapped and murdered.  We all believed it was the KKK.  Out of fear, parents kept their children close to them whenever they could.  That’s why on Saturdays after my catechism class ended, I waited for my mother to finish her administrative paperwork.  Then we would go home together.

My mother ran our church religious education program.  So, we were always the last people to leave the school.  While I waited, I spent most of my time, in my mother’s classroom, doing homework or reading a book.  Then, after everyone else had departed, I would grab my mother's keys and walk through the school building shutting off the lights, locking doors, taking out the trash, or cleaning up clutter.  I enjoyed it; because I felt that I was doing something important to help my mother and speed up our departure time.

However, while walking through the empty school, I always had a feeling that I was being watched.  For a long while, I believed it was just my imagination.  Eventually, so many strange experiences accumulated, I had to acknowledge that it was something much more.

Sometimes, I would align the desks in a classroom only to return later and find them in disarray.  A few times, I entered a classroom and found my first name “Olivia “written in large letters on the blackboard.  Then, I heard the disembodied voices of small children calling to me but they sounded far away.  One night, I was sitting in our car while my mother was backing out of our parking spot.  For some reason, I was looking at the windows of one of the first-floor classrooms.  When our car’s headlights illuminated the classroom windows, I watched, in amazement, as all the window shades closed.

The next Saturday, I borrowed my mother’s Polaroid camera and took pictures in all the places that I felt something strange. On some of the black and white photos, orbs of light could be seen.  I showed the photos to my mother.  She thought it was just some dust caught by the camera’s flash.  I think they were ghost’s orbs.  All those things added up, indicated, to me, it had to be more than my imagination.

Now, here is the paranormal event that changed me.  One afternoon, I was walking up the back stairs to the second floor.  The second floor was the location that I most dreaded in the school because I always felt that something was waiting to get me.  That’s, also, where I had photographed the orbs.  The second-floor landings had safety glass installed, instead of metal railings.  This is to prevent small children from falling.   Years earlier, when the children rushed down the stairs at the end of the school day, a small girl had been accidentally pushed to her death.

I always enjoyed watching my reflection in the safety glass as I passed.  Yes, I am a bit vain.  This time, instead of my reflection, I observed a woman standing on the other side of the glass watching me.  There was a bright aura of white light surrounding her body.  She was dressed in a long flowing white robe and, just like a nun, her head was covered with a white habit.  She looked just like one of the holy figures in the paintings in our church.  I think she was an angel.

Quickly, there at the top of the stairs, just like I had learned in catechism class, I made the Stations of the Cross and fell to my knees praying.  I lowered my eyes.  When I finished my prayer, I cautiously looked up to see if she was still there.  She was.  She was standing in front of me.  When our eyes met, she spoke to me; but, there were no words.  Her thoughts just appeared in my mind.

She had a gift for me; but the gift, she warned me, was also a burden.  She instructed me not to share the reason that I had been chosen for the gift with anyone.  In all these years, I still haven’t.  Then she placed her right hand on my head and she prayed. When she finished, she kissed me on my cheek. She said, I would be dying, the next time that we meet.  Then she disappeared in a floating ball of bright light that got smaller and brighter until it just wasn’t there anymore.  The light was so strong, I had to close my eyes and cover them with my forearm.  Still, I could see her departure pictured in my thoughts.

When I opened my eyes again, and they had adjusted to the low light level, I could see, hear, touch and much worst smell the dead.  This was the gift that I had been given.  Since that day, my purpose in life has been to bring the lingering dead into God’s mercy through the light of his grace.  To better serve God, I became a Nun.

That night, I discovered that there were several ghosts on the second floor. That included the ghost of the little girl that died after being pushed.  Though I was afraid, my prayers helped all of them find God's light.  Since then, I have helped thousands of ghosts pass to grace.  Some of whom I knew.  Many times they didn’t know they were dead.  They just knew that they were lost, or confused and had been wandering for a long time.  They all wanted to go to their homes but they couldn’t find their way.   So, I helped them all to find God’s grace. However, I am not always successful.  Some ghosts, when they discover the truth, become fearful and refuse help.  Some believe that they are simply dreaming and don't want to be disturbed.

My mother said, "Please be careful Olivia.  Ghosts can’t hurt you but they can sure make you hurt yourself.”  She was only partially correct.  I have been physically attacked and injured many times by ghosts.  Even well-meaning ghosts can cause harm out of their fears or in their confusion.  The longer they spend outside of God's grace, the crazier they become.  Also, the more dangerous they become.

So, my warning to all of you is this.  Ghosts exist. If you think you are alone, you're wrong.  They are everywhere.  Just like living people, if they choose, they can harm you.  Don’t seek them out.  Be aware, be cautious and say your prayers.

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My Paranormal Vacation

I turned my back to the window and faced the interior of the room.  Suddenly, in a flash, it was daylight.  I was watching a silent movie in living color.

"My Paranormal Vacation"  is courtesy of Karen King

I spent the summer between the 10th and 11th grade at my grandmother’s house in upstate Michigan.  It was my first visit to her house.  Usually, she would visit us (where ever we were in the world).  When I was much younger, we all lived in that house with my grandparents; but, I was in diapers then and I don’t remember anything about it.

So on the day of my arrival, I felt as though I was seeing her house for the first time.  I was impressed by the grandeur of the enormous old Victorian mansion. At that time, I lived in a much smaller house with my mother and stepfather on a military base in Germany.  Grandmother’s house looks like something out of a movie.  It was in the middle of nowhere on a big lake and had several acres of land (that was covered in evergreen trees).

About one hundred yards from the side of her house was our private family cemetery. The last time that I had come to this house, we had buried my father there.  He had been killed in the Korean War.  Again, I didn’t remember any of this because I was in diapers then.

That first day, grandmother and I kneeled at my dad’s grave and said a silent prayer.  I felt strange when she started crying.  I felt that she expected me to cry too; but, she knew daddy as a living person.  I only knew him from photographs and other people’s memories.  I tried; but, I could never cry for him.  He was a stranger to me. 

We went to bed around eleven PM.  I was restless.  I couldn’t get to sleep.  It takes a while for me to adjust to sleeping in a new place. About midnight, bored, I decided to go exploring.  I ended up in my father’s room.  Grandmother had not changed anything.  It looked like he had just left the room a few minutes ago.  I was standing in the dark, looking out the window.  I could see our family cemetery illuminated by the moonlight.  I remember feeling very sad.  I felt that a part of me was missing and I would never have it again.

I turned my back to the window and faced the interior of the room.  Suddenly, in a flash, it was daylight.  My father was alive.  He was pacing the floor holding a baby in his arms.  He swayed and sang to the child; but, I couldn’t hear any sound. I was watching a silent movie in living color.

Then, a wave of emotion washed over me.  I was inside that baby.  It was me that he was holding.  As he held me, I reached out my hand and touched his face.  I could feel it.  I could see his eyes and smell his breath. 

Then, as suddenly as it had turned to day, the night resumed.    I was alone, in his darkened room standing with my back to the window. Tears were flowing from my eyes and down my face.   I was hysterically screaming “Grandma! Grandma!  I remember him!  I remember him!”  "Daddy, Daddy, I remember you!"

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Lucy Gray

Some maintain to this day that she is a living child, that you may see sweet Lucy Gray, upon the lonesome Wild. The poem "Lucy Gray" was written by William Wordsworth in 1799. The poem is attributed to Wordsworth sister's memory of an incident in Halifax. A little girl was lost in a snowstorm. Her footsteps were traced by her parents to the middle of the lock on a canal (where they disappeared). The child was never found.

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The Poem Lucy Gray is from Wikipedia:

Oft I had heard of Lucy Gray, And, when I crossed the Wild, I chanced to see at break of day The solitary Child.

No mate, no comrade Lucy knew; She dwelt on a wide Moor, The sweetest Thing that ever grew Beside a human door!

You yet may spy the Fawn at play, The Hare upon the Green; But the sweet face of Lucy Gray Will never more be seen.

To-night will be a stormy night, You to the Town must go, And take the lantern, Child, to light Your Mother through the snow.”

That, Father! Will I gladly do; ‘This scarcely afternoon-The Minster-clock had just struck two, And yonder is the moon.”

At this the Father raised his hook And snapp'd a faggot-band; He plied his work – and Lucy look The lantern in her hand.

Not blither is the mountain roe; With many a wanton stroke Her feet disperse the powdery snow, That rises up like smoke.

The storm came on before its time, She wander'd up and down, And many a hill did Lucy climb But never reach'd the Town.

The wrecked Parents all that night Went shouting far and wide; But there was neither sound nor sight To serve them for a guide.

At day-break on a hill they stood That overlooked the Moor; And thence they saw the Bridge of Wood A furlong from their door.

And now they homeward turned, and cried "In Heaven we all shall meet!" When in the snow the Mother spied the print of Lucy's feet.

Then downward from the steep hill's edge They tracked the footmarks small; And through the broken hawthorn-hedge, And by the long stone-wall; And then an open field they crossed, The marks were still the same; They tracked them on, nor ever lost, And to the Bridge they came.

They followed from the snowy bank The footmarks, one by one, Into the middle of the plank, And further there were none.

Yet some maintain that to this day She is a living Child, That you may see sweet Lucy Gray

Upon the lonesome Wild. Over rough and smooth she trips along, And never looks behind; And sings a solitary song That whistles in the wind.

My Confession

Please, learn from my foolishness.

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The Joe Prays List

If you were cured, then you would pay five dollars per day, for the previous thirty days, and five dollars for each day that you subscribed to the list.  You could end your subscription at any time.  She knew it was a scam.  However, since she wouldn’t have to pay any money (ever) what could it harm?

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Forgo the Ritual

I told them that I would not paint my door with blood. I had Jesus to protect me. I convinced three other families in the village to forgo the ritual and trust in the power of the lord. The village leadership was not pleased. I didn’t care, I was going to show them the foolishness of their pagan beliefs.

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Without Proof

Without proof, how do we know that our memories are from our past reality and not invented? Over a lifetime, isn’t likely that our memories become a mixture of verifiable facts and false recollections? Could it also be that we remember things that once existed but no longer exist on the present timeline?

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A Sweet and Gentle Dog

I have worked in the funeral industry for over twenty-five years in many capacities.    All during that time, I did not believe ghost actually exist.

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Incident at Lake Crescent

My grandparents could not explain what we were seeing.  We were all shocked. This was now a crime scene.  So, we shut down the live feed and called the cops.  I have known them all my life.  Now, I have no idea who they are.

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Elevator Seven

Julie Dean took a job in the historic Smith Tower Building in the Pioneer Square section of Seattle, Washington.  After a few weeks, Julie notices that something unusual occurred each time she was alone in elevator seven.

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What The Fox?

For a time, when the world was young, all animals and plants spoke the same language.  During this long ago time, a dog, a fox and a rooster met on the road while traveling to Timbuktu.  The Fox should have realized that the Rooster would make a plan based upon his belief about the true nature of all Foxes.

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How to Tell If You're A Ghost

Like his father, he is a ghost.  He told me his story because he is going to die soon.  He wants me to understand the type of people I come from because he prays to be forgiven.

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My Apology to Anne

A confidential fax was sent to the agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Seattle Washington from the Office of the Veterans Administration on 15 August 2016.   For your eyes only.  Special Agent Thomas Green, please review the contents this letter written by recently deceased Army Veteran Jacob Patch.  It appears to be a confession to multiple murders.

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I Have a Strange Fetish

An anonymous post from an internet forum. I have a strange fetish. In all the universe, this is something that I have experienced (and to my knowledge) no one else has. It is mine alone.

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Here's The Proof

We spent Ingrid’s last days planning for the future that we both wanted and would never have.  She told me over and over again that she believed in reincarnation.  She promised me that she would see me again in this life.  She was correct. - Here’s The Proof

Reusing Old Graves

What drew Mavis into that child's journal was her need. She needed to know what happens to those children in August 1967. Who are they and what is their story?

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The Singer

In show business, there are two major principles. First, the show must go on. Second, always exit the stage while the audience is still applauding. This is a story about an entertainer who both did of those things, in a big way, and became a legend.

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One Night in Iraq

For his sanity, he doesn’t want to believe that there are ghosts around us all the time watching us, judging us and influencing our actions.

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Zeus the Outlaw Years

This story occurs when humans still believed in the ancient gods.  They prayed to Zeus and his siblings for salvation. Zeus had other ideas.

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I Just Died Again

Is it possible that when we die we simply continue with our lives on a parallel timeline?

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Hi! Hi! Hi!

In the early 1980’s, Sam Bowie was a Staff Sargent in the United States Army assigned to a long-range reconnaissance company. During a field exercise deep inside a Florida Swamp, he had a paranormal encounter that changed his life.

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A Stormy Night at the Courier Inn

So many people died in the Great Galveston Storm of 1900, there was not enough time nor manpower to bury them all.  Within days, the victims were piled like cordwood onto barges for a quick burial at sea.  However, the currents in the Gulf of Mexico are so strong that many of the bodies wash back onto Galveston Island and other Texas beaches.  Some books, about the Great Galveston Storm, claim that for several weeks pyres of bodies could be seen burning on Texas beaches day and night.  When found, many of the dead, were still tightly clinging to each other for support (the support that had failed them in Life).

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Help from a Friend

People who know me will tell you that I am a practical person.  I’m not prone to romanticism.  If anything can be said of my personality, it is this, I am predisposed to a fact-based life.  For the last ten years, I have been a police officer with the Seattle Police Department. Just two short years ago, I was promoted to Detective Sergeant with the Special Investigations Division.  As a detective, I am reluctant to delve into intangible ideas such as supernatural events connected with crimes.  Still, I can’t deny what the facts reveal.  I was helped up the career ladder by a ghost.

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at  http://jukedeck.com

Alternative Death Care

The members battled back and forth until in compromise and desperation they decided upon the name “Alternative Death Care.” Everyone agreed that the name fully captured the purpose and intent of the organization. Certified members became known as “Deathers.”

An Artist Who Dreams

The next morning while meeting with my attorney, I told her that I had found the murderer. She didn’t believe me but she did think it could hurt for the police to have another suspect.

The Black Eyed Jordan

Jordon and his cat Nicole live in a studio apartment in a historic building (in the pioneer square section of downtown Seattle).   At one point in its history, the basement of the building served as a temporary morgue for victims of the Seattle Fire of 1889.  Over the years, starting with that event and others, the apartment building gained a reputation for being haunted.

No Home for Children

In Seattle, It’s known as “Lytton Cottage.” The Lytton family built the cottage in 1888.  Originally, it had been sited on one hundred and fifty acres of land (as a small farm with incredible views of Lake Washington).  The family had made a success of the farm until Thanksgiving day1899.  Sometime during that night, they were all murdered by a transient named Jacob Bird.

Three Unexplained Incidents

It’s late at night. At the end of your long workday. You’re stuck in an eerie restroom of a now empty office building (all alone). You just couldn’t hold it until you got home. When you are at your most vulnerable, you hear footsteps echoing on the tile floor of the restroom (heading towards your stall). There shouldn’t be anyone in there but you. Everyone has gone home. Then you see them. Two legs framed against the bottom opening of the stall door. The person doesn’t make a sound. Hello! You cry nervously. Who’s there? Then someone pushes open your stall door. They stand before you with their arms reaching out and their mouth open and say “stand by for three tales of paranormal strangeness.

The Mysterious Skater

After they had traveled together some distance, William checked his navigation by glancing at the North Star.  He realized that he was no longer on a direct path to his destination.  He wanted to resume his original path but he felt an irresistible compulsion to follow the mysterious skater.  Then it occurred to him.  This skater maybe something supernatural (not human)

Five Mostly True Halloween Stories

Five Mostly True Halloween Stories.  On Halloween (also known as “All Hallows Eve.”) some people believe that the veil that separates our reality from the world of the supernatural is at its thinnest.  On this day, above any other day, we should expect to encounter ghosts, spirits, haunted objects, supernatural creatures, and a host of another unexplained phenomenon.  However, what we usually encounter is just dangerous people acting crazy.

I Know That The Dead Are Alive

I watched a YouTube video of an excited dog looking at a bubble floating from the ceiling to the floor in someone’s home.  From the dog's perspective, that bubble must have appeared to be a living being.  When the bubble collided with the floor and disappeared, that dog must have thought that he had just witnessed a supernatural event.  We know that this was not a supernatural event.  It can be explained by scientists as a part of nature.  Perhaps, ghosts are like those bubbles.  They are perceived by us to be supernatural actors.  However, ultimately scientists may discover that they are just part of our yet to be explained natural world.

Sister Helga’s Demon

Pete sent a tweet to Cynthia asking her what's going on.  Within a few minutes, he received a phone call from her.  She was speaking in a panicky and stressed out voice.  “I am so sorry Pete to put this on you; but, you have to do what Sister Helga wants or you will be punished.

The Haunted Book

The society of men evolved into a secretive cult with religious overtones.  They are believed to have used magic to change world events to their advantage and to destroy their advisories.

Bloody Mary

She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called three times.  To save the children, I rushed to the bathroom and turned on the lights.  In the mirror, I saw the face of an old woman laughing