A Reverse Haunting

Whenever she came home for a visit and played the piano, she shared a quite conspiratorial smile with her mother.  The paranormal incident between them (their secret) made them feel connected and they didn’t want others intruding on that memory.

Reverse Haunting is courtesy of Brenda Shin 

I was fifteen years old when this occurred.  In those days, we had an upright piano in our living room.  The piano possessed a very highly glossed (black lacquer) finish.  We could see objects reflected like a mirror in that finish.  One evening, I heard the piano start playing.  Since I was the only person in the house who played the piano, I was curious who could be playing.

When I got to the living room, it was empty; but, the piano was still playing.  Standing behind the keyboard, and looking into the piano’s glossy reflection, I could see an image of myself seated at the keyboard playing that piano.  In the image, I was wearing a beautiful blue dress.  I didn’t own a dress that looked like that.

I panicked.  My mother heard me screaming and came running into the living room.  I pointed to my reflection playing the piano.  Mesmerized, she and I both watched the image for a while.  Then as the reality of the situation set in, we both panicked and retreated to the kitchen.  In about a half-hour, the piano stopped playing.  Then, from the living room, we heard a small group of people loudly clapping and cheering.  We gathered our courage and peeked into the room.  It was still empty.

On Saturday afternoon, my aunt Kelly gave me a gift.  When I opened the package, I found a beautiful blue dress.  It was the same style of dress I had witnessed myself wearing in the piano’s reflection.  My mother and I both recognized the dress.  We looked at each other like deer caught in a car’s headlights but we said nothing.

Later that evening, with my family gathered around me in the living room, I nervously played the selection of songs that I would play the next day in church.  The entire time, I was obsessing about my reflection on the surface of the piano.  I looked exactly as I remembered the phantom looking a few days earlier.

When I finished playing, my family showed their appreciation by clapping and cheering.   It was the same sounds that we previously heard coming from the living room (earlier that week).  My mother and I looked at each other.  We both had a can this really be happing to us expression on our faces?  Since that event, we have always wondered why it happened.

Why were we haunted by the future?

The show music is "Shoreditch Princess"

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