Is it possible that the power of belief has enough creative strength to will ghosts into existence?  Through five community member stories, we explore that theme.

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Our Stories:

Hallucinations from Jimmy Reed

I was riding a three-wheeler ATV with my girlfriend in the field beside her house.  We were going to fast when we encountered an unexpected dip in the ground.  We went flying over the handlebars and I landed with a thud on a rotting tree stump.  I was wearing a helmet; but, I hit my head, so hard, it cracked the helmet.  The impact knocked me unconscious. 

I woke up with blurred vision and a throbbing headache.  As I recall it, I was laying on my back in the field, in pain, staring up at my girlfriend Jill.  She was crying and screaming something that I couldn’t understand.  Everything was moving in slow motion and in a blood tented hue.  I know that I was looking at my dad standing behind Jill.  He was looking over her shoulder at me and there was a look of deep concerned on his face.  It occurred to me that he shouldn’t be there at all.  He was dead?  He was wearing the clothes that we had buried him in.   His mouth was moving.  He was saying something that I couldn’t hear.  I knew then that I was badly hurt and hallucinating.  I remember softly saying, “Daddy.”  Where did you come from?  Then I passed out.

The next day in the hospital, Jill came for a visit.  My mother made an excuse to leave the room and give us some time alone.  Thank goodness, Jill only had minor scrapes and cuts.  She took off her shoes and curled up on the hospital bed next to me.  She laid her head on my chest and listened to my heartbeat.  Then she lifts her head.  I noticed that her eyes were moist from tears.  When our eyes met, Jill asked, Jimmy, did you know that your dad was out there too? 

On Jones Road from Walt Schmitt

I live in a rural area in British Columbia.  There are lots of woods.  The main thing we have to worry about when driving on the roads around here is hitting a deer.  I was speeding down Jones Road, with my high beams on, headed to Wall Mart.  I was trying to get there before it closed.  In my headlights, I could see something big like a big bear on the right side of the road getting ready to cross.  I jammed on my breaks but I was moving too fast to completely stop.  I slid into it.  I know that I hit it because I felt and heard the impact.  

A little further up the road, I was able to stop the car.  I didn’t want to get out of the car because if it was indeed a bear that I had hit, it wouldn’t be safe.  So, I turned my car around and drove the few yards back to where I had hit the bear.  At that time, I only had one headlight still working.  I didn’t see the bear.  I guess it had crawled into the woods.  

The next morning, I returned to the location on Jones Road where I had the accident.  It was easy to find it because the broken parts of my car that had been torn off were still laying on the road.  I got out of the car to pick up the broken parts.  It was then that I noticed the enormous footprints in the mud along the side of the road.  Judging from the size of the footprints, I didn’t hit a bear.  I hit a Bigfoot.  I made some plaster casts of the footprints.  I have them in my den today.  Just about everybody thinks they are fake.  They also think that I hit a bear.

The Gong from Larry Peters

The first time that I recall something possibly supernatural happening was when the couple next door invited me over to watch the last game of the final four basketball tournament on their enormous TV screen.  We had moved into the complex on the same day and we were determined to be friends.  They had a small Chinese style dinner gong displayed on a table in their entry hall.  While we were watching the game we suddenly heard that gong loudly ring seven times.  It rang with force.  It sounded like it had been struck by someone using a hammer. We were all startled, dinner gongs just don’t ring themselves.  We looked it over but we could not find a reason that it rang.  

A week after that, the couple moved out.  They told me strange things were happening in that apartment.  The gong kept ringing all times of the night.  It was made stranger by the fact that they had placed the gong in their storage unit.  It wasn’t in the house any longer.  They decided it’s best to leave.  They lost their deposit and a least two weeks rent when they moved out.  I could never afford to do that.  

The night, of the day that my neighbors moved out, I also heard that Chinese dinner gong ringing.  This time it was inside my apartment.  Over two months, the ringing kept me up at night.  I was sleep deprived and angry when I broke my lease.  I lost my deposit on the apartment.  My sister Sue and her husband Tom let me stay at their house until I could save for another place.  The first night there, we all heard the gong ring seven times on and off throughout the night.  It has rung every night since then. 

The Smartwatch from Abby Franken

I bought a smartwatch for my daughter.  I just felt that no matter what else happened that this watch would keep her safe.  The watch has a panic button.  When it is depressed it sends an alert to my phone.  From my phone, I can see my daughter’s location and I can activate a microphone that allows me to hear the background noise wherever she is before I speak to her.  It could also tell me if her heart is still beating.  

Last Thursday, I got a notice on my phone that the distress alarm on her watch had been activated.  Thinking the worst, I activated the location finder and confirmed she was at school.  When the microphone activated, I could hear children screaming in the background.  I started calling my daughter’s name “Shelia” but she didn’t answer.  I was scared out of my mind but I called the police.  When I got to her school, my daughter was waiting with her schoolmates.  They were under police protection.  She came up to me and we hugged and kissed.  Then she told me the strangest thing I have ever heard.  

The shooter was one of her classmates. The kid brought the gun to school just to impress some friends.  He dropped the revolver (a .22 caliber pistol).  It was loaded and it fired when it hit the floor.  The bullet, only one fired, it hit my daughter’s watch and activated the panic alert and then lodged in a wall.  She suffered a fracture of her left wrist; but, other than that, she was fine.  I hope that she does not have delayed stress syndrome.  The watch deflected the bullet.  However, it was damaged.  The police have it now.  I'm not sure how this is paranormal but I believe incredible luck is itself a paranormal event.

We All Believe Now from Tassa Lee

Shirley and her two children, a boy (eight years old) and a girl (five years old), were homeless after her mother died.  They had depended upon her mother’s social security check to help them pay the rent and eat.  They lost their apartment.  Now, all they had was an old car to live in.  They would park at Walmart so they could use the toilet and eat most days.  They waited at a seven eleven store when Walmart was closed.  That is how they were living before this incident occurred. 

Through a pastor, at a shelter that they stayed in, they were given an opportunity to live in a house for free. The house needed some major work; but, it was habitable.  They were allowed to stay there while the owner made repairs.  The owner just wanted someone on site to discourage theft and vandalism.  There was one other thing, the house was believed to be haunted. 

Shirley was desperate and didn’t believe in ghosts. Within hours of learning about the house, they moved in.  The place was a mess but it was livable.  After cleaning the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom.  They unloaded their car and moved everything into the Livingroom downstairs.  It was very late and the remainder of the house would have to be cleaned before they could spread out.  They lay quilts, blankets, and pillows on the Livingroom floor and tried to sleep. 

In the stillness of the night, they heard children’s voices and their running footsteps coming from upstairs.  Shirley told her kids to stay downstairs while she investigates what was going on.  With a flashlight in hand, she begins to ascend the stairs.  She called out for whoever was upstairs to come down.  Then she heard children upstairs laughing.  As she went further up the stairs, the louder the laughter became.  With a booming commanding voice, she demanded that they come downstairs now and stop this foolishness.

Then the children stop laughing and the house was silent again.  That’s when the whispering began. She couldn't make out what they were saying.  Upon hearing the whispering her children begged for her to return to them.  They were scared.  They all felt the house getting colder. That’s when they heard the classic “Get Out!” Thunder and echo throughout the house.  The kids were already at the door with the blankets when Shirley came running off the stairway.

They all piled into their old car.  They spent the remainder of the night at a local seven eleven store.  Shirley called the owner of the house as soon as she could the next day to tell her what happened the previous night.  The owner didn’t seem surprised.  She arranged for Shirley and the kids to stay at another of her houses.  She also personally retrieved the items they left behind and delivered it to them.  

The family is much more stable now.  Sometimes, Shirley drives by the old house out of curiosity.  That house was torn down to make room for a new house.  However, no one stays in the new house for long.  It seems to be always empty and available.

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Arms of Heaven

A Haunted Movie House

If you believe that ghosts are the departed souls of once living people who have survived death and now live in another dimension connected with our own, then you are not alone. Our community member writes this, in the two years that I worked at the Palace Movie Theater, I found ghosts, unexplained happenings and I died at least once.  I am a believer, my story is below and this is something you all should know.

“A Haunted Movie House” is courtesy of Wade Grayson.:

Wade writes, for my first two years, after high school graduation in 1978, I worked at a very old, downtown, movie theater (in a large southern city) while I went to junior college to improve my grades.  The theater was called the Palace.  Before I begin working there, I’d heard stories, from my friends, that the Palace was haunted.  The stories that I heard were about specters watching movies with the audience.  The tales were wild enough to initially keep me away; because, where I come from, we believe in ghosts.  However, Ken, one of the owners, made it all seem so exciting.  So, I had to see for myself what was going on. 

Mostly, I worked the concession stand or served as an usher.  Sometimes, I sold tickets from the booth out front.  One afternoon, I was in the booth selling tickets when two motherly type women and a small girl came up to the counter.  One of the women ordered two tickets and paid.  Then they both turned away to enter the lobby.  Quickly, I told them that the little girl needed a ticket also.  They turned their head and looked back at me puzzled.  Looking around they asked, “What little girl?”  I turned my head to look at the little girl and I started to point to where she was standing but the word “her” froze in my mouth because the little girl was gone.  Recovering, I said, “sorry, never mind.” I’m sure that they thought that it was a bad joke gone wrong.

I told my coworkers about the disappearing little girl.  They ask me to describe her.  So, I told them that she was about eight years old.  She was a slim black girl with pigtails.  She was wearing an off-white sundress that hung to her knees.  Their eyes widen.  I learned that her name is Peg.  She is one of the ghosts that haunt the theater.  They told me that if I stayed on the job long enough then I would encounter her many times and I did.  Peg liked to play in the, closed off, balcony space.  From there she would drop popcorn on people sitting in the audience below. She would also take things, the staff would later find in the balcony (at the same seat every time).   It’s said that she accidentally fell from the balcony in the 1940s to the main floor below when she learned, too far, over the rail attempting to keep something from dropping.  That is the polite story of her death.  I learned the true story from Ken. 

 Until the mid-1960s, the balcony was the only place black people could sit while watching movies in the theater.  The white teenage ushers in those days like to bully the black movie patrons because they couldn’t retaliate or fight back.  The teenage ushers ruled the balcony like a personal kingdom.  Peg was with a small group of girlfriends that made the mistake of talking back to an usher.  Filled with rage, the usher grabbed the smallest girl in the group, Peg, and threw her over the edge of the balcony.  When she landed, she struck her head on the floor.  She died in the theater from her injuries. The police refused to arrest the usher but he was fired.  Her death was recorded officially as an accident.  Since then, Peg has haunted the theater.  She plays harmless tricks on the staff and audience.  They said she is very curious because “Sometimes she follows you home.”  I and my mother can assure you that, she does follow you home!  So can the usher who threw her over the balcony.  She haunted him until he went insane and then committed suicide.

When I was there, another odd thing happens on Sunday night.  A very old lady, (who was ninety-something years old), named Ms. Helen, would purchase two tickets.  That was strange because she always came to the theater alone.  However, while sitting in the audience, she behaved as though she had an invisible friend with her.  I was told, by one of the guys, that she had been coming to the theater on Sunday night for as long as anyone could remember.  He said that Ms. Helen told him that she was in the audience when the Palace had its grand opening in 1903.  It was a vaudeville theater and she came with her parents to see a magic performance by Harry Houdini.  She said the Palace became a silent movie theater in 1915.  She watched the movie “Birth of a Nation” here.  In 1930 it became a sound movie theater.  She watched Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of OZ there.   All her life she visited the theater, first as a child, then as a teen, a young woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and now as a retired widowed great-grandmother.  Each week she took the same seats.  They held a lot of memories.

When I was an usher, I sometimes observed her leaning her head, over to one side, as though it were resting on the shoulder of an unseen person.  She held her hand as though it was entwined with another person’s hand.  It was not unusual to see her whispering into the ear of her invisible companion.   The guy who told me Ms. Helen’s history also explained that Ms. Helen believed that she had a standing date with her deceased husband every Sunday night.  They would sit and cuddle the same way they had done together for over sixty years before he died in that theater, in the seat next to her (of a heart attack).  Several times when the light reflected off the movie screen fell in a certain way in the darkness, I could see the outline of an old man sitting beside her with his arm around her shoulders while her head rested lovingly on his shoulder.  I am not alone.  Other people had also seen them together. 

There came a time when we had not seen Ms. Helen for a while.  Then one Sunday night, I was walking the aisles to get a count of the number of people in the theater.  The light from the screen temporarily brightens the darkness.  It was then that I notice the two shadowy figures sitting in Ms. Helen’s regular seats.  It was the outline of Ms. Helen and her husband.  Her head was resting gently on his shoulder and she was whispering something into his ear.  From then on, they were continually seen together, on Sunday nights, enjoying the film and each other’s company.  They paid no attention to anyone around them.

The theater was open twenty-four hours seven days per week.  When it was very cold or very hot we got our largest audiences.  For three dollars, the price of one ticket, a person could spend five-hours warm and dry or cool and dry.  The management didn’t mind if the audience slept, ate food from outside or drank liquor.  So, we got pushers, drug addicts, prostitutes, and their customers in the theater.  All kinds of illicit activity occurred in the restrooms and in the dark corners of the theater. 

On occasions, someone (the staff or movie patrons) would discover the victim of a drug overdose in a restroom or in the audience.  In the men’s room, the end toilet stall was haunted by the ghost of a man who had overdosed on heroin a few years before I started working there.  Days after he was found dead, men would come up to the movie usher, to report a man partially laying in that stall, passed out on the floor, with a needle still in his arm.  When the usher would investigate, they always found that the stall was locked from the inside and unoccupied. 

I hated going into the men’s room alone. When it was my turn to clean the men’s room, I would hear noises like that stall was occupied.  I would look in the gap between the door and the frame and see the form of a man on the toilet.  After some time, I would knock on the door and announce that I needed to clean the stall and ask how much longer he would be.  No one would answer.   I would peep through the gap again and the stall would be empty but the door was locked from the inside.  That was one of the reasons that we all thought that it was haunted.  That! And all the drug addicts, who were found dead in the theater, and there were many, were found in that stall.  If a person was found in another stall, they would live.  Only people found in that stall died.  I think the ghost did something to them.   Still, what happened remains unexplained.

In the auditorium, with just the right light coming off of the screen, you could see the outline of specters sitting and watching the movie or touching the living movie patrons.  Jerry, one of the owners, claimed to have psychic abilities.  He explained that, to the ghost, the Place was a feeding ground (a free restaurant).  He said that most of the ghost in the theater didn’t die there.  They linger there because of the living.  They drain energy from the living when they are watching films or when we are working.  He said earthbound ghost needed the energy of the living to keep from fading from existence.  Most people, he said, are unaware that energy is being stolen from them.  Suddenly, when we feel light-headed, disoriented or nauseated and we are a healthy person, it is likely happening because our energy is being drained by a ghost.  He said ghosts can be very quiet, they can silently move from person to person, consuming energy like a vampire.  He thought that many of the people who were classified as having died from drugs actually had their life force drain because they were incapacitated and easy prey for the ghosts.

An unexplained paranormal incident that happens to me several times is seeing myself doing the task I was about to do or arriving to start the task I had just finished.  Here is an example.  I was inside the projection room working and I was standing in the projection room doorway (at the same time) watching me work in the projection room.  I was existing in two places at once.  I could see myself watching myself from both locations.  This lasted a few seconds.  Then I was bumped from behind by the projectionist and I found myself standing in the doorway only.   Whatever it was in the projection room had disappeared.  The remaining time that I worked there, I would frequently see myself doing the task that I was about to do or coming to start the task I had just finished.  I would always disappear once I realized I could see myself from both bodies at the same time.  To my knowledge, no one else at the theater experienced this weird time slip.  Can a living person be a ghost?

That was the not the only time something paranormal happens to me while I was there.  It was summer and I was swimming in our backyard pool one night after work.  I was home alone.  My mother was at a neighbor’s house and my dad was on a business trip.  I forget where my sister was.  At that time, I thought I was highly skilled at doing tricks using the diving board.  On one of the tricks, I slip and manage to hit the back of my head on the end of the diving board.  That knocked me out.  The next thing I remember is throwing up water and gasping for air.  My neighbor, who was a nurse, gave me artificial respiration (CPR).  She, her husband and my mother had located me on the bottom of the pool and pull me out.  When she begin artificial respiration, I had no pulse and I was not breathing.  They were not sure how long I had been in the water.  The nurse later confided to me that she had told her husband that I was dead and not coming back. 

Here is how they found me.  My mother was at their house.  They were all sitting in the backyard around the picnic table talking.  A little black girl came running up to the table and interrupted their conversation.  They thought it was very strange to see a black child there.  We lived in a segregated town and there were no black families in our neighborhood.  The little girl excitedly told my mother that I had hit my head on the diving board and was in our pool drowning.  My mother knew something was wrong and came home running with our neighbors (a school nurse and her husband) back to our house.  Just as the little girl had said, they found me at the bottom of the pool.

 I learned about all this the next day in the hospital.  I had the worst chlorine headache in my lifetime.  I told them that nobody was with me in the backyard.  I didn’t know where that girl had come from.   I asked my mother to describe the little girl.  She described Peg.  I told them what I knew about Peg as a ghost.  My mother said that she knew that there was something special about that child.  Days later, when I returned to work, I place some flowers and toys for Peg on her favorite chair in the balcony and thanked her in my thoughts for saving my life.  I never saw Peg again but I hope she enjoyed the flowers and the toys.  If she hadn’t followed me home that night.  We would both be ghosts now.

A few weeks later, I quit working at the Palace because I graduated from junior college and was moving to California to study at UCLA.  The Palace was torn down five years later and replaced with an office building.  I like to think that Peg and all the other specters have moved on to heaven but I suspect that Peg is now enjoying visiting the homes of all the people who work in that building one at a time.

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How We Summon the Dead

A few years ago, Angie Weston purchased some items from an estate sale.  This experience was found in an old diary she discovered among the purchases.  It is a confession that tells how two young boys learned to summon the dead.

Listen to "How We Summon the Dead" Here.

"How We Summon the Dead" is courtesy of Angie Weston

When I was ten, Paul Rudd was my best friend.  Paul’s mother disappeared in 1981.  She was a single parent with a drug problem.  It was not unusual for her to disappear for a few days then turn up to sleep off her drug binge.  When she was on a binge most times she could be seen on the street trading sex for money.  This time, she had been gone for more than two weeks.  No one on the streets has seen her (in a long time).  With the approval of social services, Paul came to, temporally, live with us.  We all assumed that his mother had abandoned him, or had died or was killed.

Besides sharing a room, Paul and I shared an obsessive interest in the supernatural.  We read books and watched TV shows about the paranormal.  “In search of” with Leonard Nimoy was our favorite TV program.   We spent many hours, especially before going to sleep, discussing our opinions about the Bermuda Triangle, UFO’s, Ghosts, magic, bigfoot, life after death, and other paranormal mysteries.  To us everything was possible.  We were at the age when magic was just as real as everyday life.  The paranormal was our escape.

One Saturday, we were in the main library in Downtown Seattle at a friend of the library book sale with my older sister.  On a back shelf, we discovered the book that changed everything.  The book was titled “Instructions for Summoning the Dead.”  It was written, in 1922, by a Dr. Charles Peabody.  Inside the book were instructions for summoning spirits and demons.  So, we each chipped in fifty cents and purchased the book.  If she was dead, we thought we could use the book to contact Paul’s mother.  Over the next two weeks, using the rituals described in the book, we tried several times to summon spirits to help us but we were afraid to conger demons.  We failed to do anything except to increase our skepticism about the existence of the spirit world. 

Then we found success with a technique called a spirit mirror.  The ritual for the spirit mirror was simple.   Place a full length, self-supported mirror inside a small room or closet.  No light can get into the room.  It must be completely dark except for a small lit candle that is position behind and above your head (preferably on a shelf).  Then you have to sit a chair facing the mirror at arm’s length.  Only one person could be in the room at a time.  While looking into the mirror, you must focus your full attention on the candle flame.  Once you are fully focused and relaxed, in the mirror you will see images of spirits.  You can ask questions of the images but never touch the mirror when the images appear.  If you do, the spirits can trap you on the other side. 

We set up the spirit chamber in our bedroom closet.  From the beginning, we made contact with spirits.  We soon discovered that spirits don’t know anything about the future but they could tell us limited things about the past and the present (which to them appeared to be the same thing).  Also, we quickly found out that they lie all the time.  Still, we were both thrilled to be immersed in the spiritual world.  We felt that we had total control.

Paul was the first to use the chamber.  Of course, his first questions were about his mother.  He was told by one spirit that she was alive but she was being held, prisoner.  He was told by another spirit that she was dead and her body was left in a forest to be consumed by the wildlife.   A third spirit speaking in his mother’s voice pretended to be her.  He wanted to believe but it became apparent that it couldn’t be her.  The spirit didn’t know anything about their life together.  Also, we came to suspect that the spirits would tell us anything we wanted to hear because they were just tricksters. 

Then Paul met “Ranthum.” Ranthum is a twelve-thousand-year-old spirit.  I also met Ranthum.  He was waiting in the mirror to speak to me when I entered the chamber after Paul.  So, I knew about him but I still felt that he would manipulate us if we gave him the chance.  He promised to tell Paul what happen to his mother.  To gain Paul’s confidence, over the next week, Ranthum told him several things that proved to be correct.  He established Paul’s trust.  Then he told Paul that he needed his help to cast a spell that would summon Paul’s mother.  He explained how the spell would work.  An image of her would appear in the mirror.  Living or dead, Paul would be able to speak to her.  Paul was convinced it would work.  I help Paul gather the ingredients for the spell from the supermarket.  Then under Ranthum’s instructions, we cast the spell.  

Paul entered the chamber.  The spell worked.  He spoke with his mother.  She had been murdered and her body left on the shores of the Green River.  The police had recovered her body but they hadn’t made the connection between the body they found and her as a missing person report (this was before DNA testing was common).  She had been a victim of Gary Ridgway the Green River Serial Killer.   She had already been buried as Jane Doe months earlier.  It was more than two decades before her body was exhumed and identified using DNA.   

While Paul was speaking with the image of his mother in the mirror.  She told him that Ranthum has been keeping her from appearing to him before the spell was cast.  The spell had not summoned her.  It had released Ranthum to the other side of the mirror.  She could speak to Paul because Ranthum was gone.  

While Paul was in the closet speaking with the image of his mother and learning this information.  I was waiting in our room outside.  I was watching the rocking chair in the corner of our room rock back and forth under its own power and a shadow turn into a living being.  Somehow, I knew that this was Ranthum and I also knew that the spell had not been for the purpose we thought.  I felt our illusion of control immediately disappear and a sense of dread wash over me.  I knew everything had changed.  I didn’t know if it had changed for the better or the worst.  

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When I Moved in He Was Dead

In this episode, we have five short paranormal experiences from our community members.

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Our Stories:

Come to Hear the Noise from Pam Johnson

My sister and I were staying at an old, hotel in Odesa, Texas.  The building had been in use since 1896.  My sister drives between Texas and our home in Oklahoma twice per year to see her daughter at Prairie View University.  She likes to stop at this place because it has a very friendly staff and it has historical significance.   I was glad to make the trip with her this time but I was kept up all night by the sounds of country music and people in boot heels dancing and stomping on the hardwood floor above out room.  My sister slept like a log.  The next morning, I asked her how she could sleep through all that noise going on upstairs last night.  She said she didn’t hear a thing.  I asked the clerk, as we were checking out, what was going on last night on the floor above us.

He seemed puzzled. He said that above that room is the old dance hall but it's a conference room now and nothing was happening up there.  He said that even if someone had been up, there I should not have heard any dancing because the floor was carpeted.  Before we departed, we went up to see the old dance hall.  It was just as the clerk had described a large carpeted space now used as a conference room.  At that time, it was set up with chairs and tables for a business meeting.  They look to have been there a very long time.


It Wasn’t one of Us from Mike Thompson

We were having a few beers and playing with the Ouija board in my dorm room on Sunday night.  We were joking around and someone suggested that we summon Ted Bundy the serial killer.  I said no we shouldn’t summon someone evil.  Then, from outside our Ouija circle, we heard a disembodied woman’s voice say “That’s right.” Everybody in the room heard it.  It wasn’t one of us.  We were all young men.

She Sleep Talks from Cynthia Phiri

One summer, I visited my grandmother in Mississippi for a month.  My cousins were also visiting at the same time.  My cousin Kelly and I shared the fold-out couch in the Livingroom.  We all always went to bed around ten thirty.  I think she sleepwalks because around two am every night that we stayed there.   I would wake up and she would be awake talking to me.  She would sit above me, on the bed with her legs folded.  Then, for about a half hour or more, she would tell me a story about how things had changed since she was a little girl living in Mississippi in the ’60s.  This happened in 2010.  My cousin Kelly is from California and she was eight years old then.  In the mornings, she didn’t remember any of this happening.

The Traffic Stop is from Doug Kaawa

My young son and I were driving to the store to do some grocery shopping.  We were stopped at a traffic light.  We were the first car in line.  When the light changed to green my son had a fit and started yelling at me wait! Wait! Don’t go daddy!  For a few seconds, I waited. While I looked at him and asked angrily what’s wrong?  A car behind us was blowing its horn.  Just then a large panel truck went plowing through the intersection on the side with the red light.  I realize then that if we had taken off, we would have been in a deadly traffic accident.  While I’m taking all this in, I hear my son answer my question.  Grandpa Fred was yelling at you to stop but couldn’t hear him.  My father (his Grandpa Fred) died before he was born.

When I Moved in He Was Dead  from Fred Bowie

I live in a house that I purchased at a discount through a government program.  I have lived here for three years and I have never had a problem.  Now, that is significant because when I purchased this house I was expecting it was going to be haunted.  If you look at the old google earth photo of my house in the winter.  You will see a man sitting in a plastic lawn chair in a snow-covered backyard with his face turned to the sky.  That man was dead of natural causes long before that photo was taken.  His body remained in the backyard for over eleven weeks.  Then it was discovered by a gas meter man.  The weird part is he didn’t live alone and they all knew that he was dead.

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