Share Your Paranormal Story

Written stories submitted, to Audio Stories of the Paranormal, must include your name and your location.  If you are sending an audio file, please include that information in the audio file and your email.

Your information will be shared on the podcast and the website.  However, if you desire, to maintain your anonymity, please use a fictional (stage/pseudonym) name and or location.

If it has one, please include the title of your story with your submission (or we will create one).  If you want your email address and (or) website address to be read along with your story during the podcast please note that and include it with your story.

If you have a podcast or (or) video channel and you want that information to be noted during the podcast, please include your contact information in the body of your story or in your audio file.

All written stories submitted are subject to editing.   We will attempt to contact you via email if there is a major editing problem.  However, please use your best grammar and a spelling. We can’t include your experience if we can’t read what you have written.

Any submission with an invalid email address, any submissions we deem overtly sexual or in some manner offensive to the community will be rejected.

We reserve the right to choose which stories will be included in the podcast.  If your story is selected, we will send an email to notify you.  It may be a long period of time before your material is selected.

Please submit your story and or audio file to MyStory@TheAudioStories.Com 


J.B. Simien